مهدی شبانی

Mehdi Shabani was born in Tehran in 1975. In addition to his artistic career as a filmmaker and writer, Mehdi's past jobs have included being a taxi driver, bookseller, carpenter, cook, IT manager and more.


Work Experience in Cinema:​


  • Directed "Meyhane, A Home For My Grandfather" [feature-length documentary, Turkey, 2014]

  • Directed "Shesh Besh: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Play Backgammon” [feature-length documentary, Turkey, 2013]. Aired on VOA (Voice Of America), September 2014.

  • Directed “Emigration: An Unfinished Life” [feature-length documentary, Iran/Turkey, 2011-2013 -- now in editing stages]

  • Directed “The Bathhouse that Wanted to Keep on Being a Bathhouse” [feature-length documentary, Iran, 2009-2010. Aired on BBC Persian, October 2012.

  • Directed and produced “Such as It Was, Nevertheless a Fine Life: The Life of Contemporary Iranian Poet Shams Langroodi” [short documentary, Iran, 2008]

  • Created and directed numerous advertising clips for a variety of industries  [Iran, 2004-2009]

  • Directed and produced “Street-Style Politics” [short fictional film, Iran, 2003]

  • Directed and produced “The Revenge” [short fictional film, Iran, 2002]


Work Experience in Other Arts/Media:​


  • Wrote and published “The News Was Already Bleak, Crow Notwithstanding” [collection of poems, Iran, 2004]

  • Wrote and published essays on art, history and politics in various Iranian and Farsi language newspapers (various websites and print publications)

  • Hosted radio programs on a number of Farsi-language internet radio stations 

  • Narrated and voice-dubbed for films and self-guided audio tour recordings in Istanbul