The Bathhouse that wanted to keep on being a bathhouse 

Director              Mehdi Shabani


Camera              Hossein Roozaneh

Edit                      Ehsan B.Ghafari

Music                  Nima Pashak

Writers               Majid Sadeghi/Mehdi Shabani

Sound                 Roozbeh Kafi/Ehsan B.Ghafari


Рroducers        Mehdi Shabni/Parisa Shabani





About Movie:

After finding that his shower isn't working just when he needs to get ready for an important ceremony, our narrator decides to set off in search of a public bathhouse in Tehran. His explorations become the basis for a film that examines the customs, history, and art of the Iranian bathhouse. More so, the film examines how the people of Iran view traditional cultural practices.

Aired on BBC Persian, October 2012


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