Emigration: An unfinished life 

Director             Mehdi Shabani


Camera              Hossein Roozaneh/Uzkan Nurhan

Edit                      Reza Mosavi

Music                  ‌Babak Ebrahimi

Writers               Siyavash Shabani/AliReza Shoja

Sound                Shadi MassomBeyghi/Aytaç Uzun


Рroducers        Mehdi Shabni

2009-2013 Iran-Tureky [On editing stage]




About Movie:

In the first part of this documentary we had a huge number of interview with a lot of people in Iran and ask them about their feeling and think about emigration from Iran to other countries. in their other hand our crew come in front of camera and say their plan for future. In the second part, we could see life of the director as an emigrant in Turkey who was forced to leave Iran ....