Shesh-Besh: How I learned to stop worrying and play backgammon

Director                             Mehdi Shabani

Camera                             Saaed Nasiri

Edit                                    Sina Samavati
Music                                Ehsan Golami.B/Murat Öztürk

Writers                              Mehdi Shabani/Omid Montazeri/Ramin G.Beyraghdar

Sound                                Aytaç  Uzun/Erdem Bay

Producer Assistant          Canan Soylu

Рroducer                           Mehdi Shabni




About Movie:

This film is the first in a series on the games rooted in and around the area in which we live. In our view, the act of playing a game is not necessarily a matter of entertainment or recreation but it could also be considered a part of the process of learning and an important aspect of human socialization. Seen from this perspective games have an illuminating function, elucidating the people who play them. Thus a game is no longer just a game. Rather, it signifies a people’s philosophical view of their being, culminating in a space to escape the mundane. 

Aired on VOA (Voice Of America), September 2014.



Director’s Perspective:

Games cannot be set apart from reality. One’s entire life may be seen as something of a game, on a greater scale and with different types of roles. A game can be really diversion if taken as seriously as life within the frame of the game. Thus if you concede that seen from within a game is never mere recreation, rather only trifling on the outside, then there is perhaps still a chance to truly see your real life played as a player positioned within to some other game.

This film starts with the game of Thakhte-Nard (Backgammon) tries to move beyond that. It looks at people and their views on this originally Iranian game that has gained popularity across the region, in an attempt to examine the way people in our part of the world perceive reality and their lives as a whole. 










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